Friend's Sites: - "The Angriest Place on Earth" from the Number #3 Hater in Korea - Hayley's Site, it's all happy and nice... basically the opposite of Shyam's

Stanley's Blog - Stanley is a filthy filthy filthy dirty pervert

G.U.T. - Jeebu's Band, they're pretty bitching for an indie band. Anyway give them a listen

Jenny's Xanga - Jenny is small and looks like an anime character

Jung's Xanga - Jung's our favorite manwhore!

Debia's Xanga - Debia from the old 2610 crew

Rahul's Xanga - Rahul's the best!!

Scott's Blog - Viva la Bend!

Little Michelle's Blog - Scott's special lady friend :-)

Panic Man LJ - They let the medically insane post on the world wide web??? Unbelievable!

The Swear.. the HA LJ - Koreans have enemies.. and not so bad enemies... I'm an enemy!

Emily - In nature we would be enemies, but forced into close quarters, we have become reluctant allies.

Jerrery - Jeffery is his name. Jerrery is what it says on his Costco card.

Debia - 2610 Benvenue forever dawg!

Tina - Keep on Truckin' young S'porean



Bittorrent Sites:

Download Bitcomet here - Pretty good since Suprnova closed down - pretty good too - almost like suprnova - good stuff

Xbox-sky Tracker - Xbox Torrent, you'll probably need a burner




















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